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Judge: Mr Byron, are you represented?
Carol: No your worship
Judge: I asked you a question
Carol: No your worship
Judge: You are charged with committing an indecent act in public, how do you plead?
Carol: Not guilty your worship
Judge: I beg your pardon?
Carol: Not guilty your worship

Based on a true story, from the TV movie Carlotta (2014)

Q&A with Jessica Marais on playing the legendary Carlotta

We chat with actress Jessica Marais about playing the iconic performer and transgender pioneer Carlotta in the recent ABC telemovie of the same name.

How did you approach playing the role of Carlotta?

I approached it the same way as I would any character – from a place of truth first  and foremost, whilst being highly aware of maintaining the dignity of the character and the voice that it represented.

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(Source: richardamnell)

Sunday Style magazine | June 8, 2014

Photos by Jez Smith

Photos by Jez Smith

Photo by Jez Smith

Photo by Jez Smith

Carlotta's Final Scene | Jessica Singing



“It’s a love story and an outsider tale about an exceptional woman’s desire to be ordinary, hers is an extraordinary life, lived in changing times.”

"…my main motivation is to show anyone who may be struggling with their gender, or struggling to gain acceptance from their family and society at large – that you can do it. Stand tall, know who you are and be proud of yourself, as acceptance comes from within.”


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